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'Who Else Wants To Know How To Find A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend - FAST?'

Let's face it...

"99% of people live lives of quiet desperation.
They don't have enough money, they don't have a happy and satisfying love life, and they aren't happy with who they are. They want to do better but they don't know HOW.

If you are one of them, this website can be your SIMPLE way to get out of there."

Elena Solomon, Dating Expert "PROVEN and SIMPLE techniques that WORK... Stop wasting your time and money in the search of magic cure - all you need is right here, just get your hold on it!"

From: Elena Solomon

  • Life Coach
  • Certified Master of NLP
  • Qualified Philosopher
  • International Bestselling Author
  • 'Best-of-The-Best' Expert of

Friday, 9.25 a.m.

Let's get something straight from the very beginning.

If you are a lazy, brainless, obstinate, hypercritical, gloomy, miserable and complaining type - please close your browser immediately and clean your Internet 'History'. This website will NOT help you.

People Who Think They Know It All
Are Not Invited To Read Further

Sorry to be blunt. I have learned over the years that the only type of people that cannot be helped are the ones with big ego and closed mind. If anything on this page offends you, you must leave immediately - this book is NOT for you.

I don't want you to buy my product and then write to me that it doesn't work. Because ANY person who can read and write (which is what you are doing right now) CAN master '12 Simple Rules' and dramatically change his or her life in 60 days or less.

Have you heard claims like this before? I bet you have.
Did they work? I don't think so.
Otherwise you would not be here today.

Internet is PACKED with books on dating, seduction, self-improvement, weight-loss, get-rich-quick schemes, etc, etc. You have probably even bought some of them. And they didn't work.

You know why?

Because most authors just sell the same old stuff, re-packaged and re-designed claiming them to be "new" and "revolutionary".

How do I know?
Because I've read them ALL. 

In the last 10 years, I have read literally HUNDREDS of books on dating, love, sex, relationships, husband-hunting (for women), seduction (for men), self-improvement, motivation, life-changing, business management, real estate investing, money-making, job-seeking - and what not. I have spent TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on buying best-selling books and Internet courses and implementing their advice in my own life. Give me a topic of interest - I own a dozen of books on it that I have actually READ and moreover, TRIED their suggestions.

Most of them DO NOT work in real life.
Trying to implement them was just a waste of time (and often money).
Honestly, very few produced actual RESULTS.
Some were downright WRONG and would actually HURT your chances.

But little by little, from all my reading and trying, certain patterns emerged. Some things would come up again and again - certain techniques that would work in virtually ANYTHING, from love and dating to money and career.

It was weird.

The topics had nothing in common, yet certain techniques would be so similar that I could not help but noticed the pattern. And they WORKED!

I tried to implement them repeatedly, in different environments and under different circumstances - and they would produce the results I wanted, time and again.

In other words, the results were STABLE and PREDICTABLE.

It was no longer a GAMBLE. 
It was like operating a juicer: you put in a carrot, you get the carrot juice.
You could even say, it was BORING: you knew exactly what results you were going to get.

Like, I can approach ANY man and in less than a minute he will feel like he is falling in love with me. Doesn't matter if he is 18 or 60. I know EXACTLY how to do it.

You can do it, too.
Page 50 in my book will explain to you how you can reach the same result with women/men - predictably and repeatedly.

If you think it's amazing and this secret alone would cost thousands of dollars, you are right. This ability can change your life so dramatically, you will be blown away.

I am not only talking about your personal life. Imagine being able to get favors from ANY man/woman you meet - no matter how professional is your relationship, if they feel like falling in love with you, you are hundred miles ahead in any game.

It gets better!

  • How easy is for you to start a conversation with an attractive stranger?

    Has it ever happened to you - you saw the man/woman of your dreams but you didn't know how to make them notice you and you lost them forever? Wish you knew how to start a conversation in the way they INSTANTLY liked you? Page 37 of the book demonstrates how you can do it - painlessly, surely and with grandiose success, and tells you what is THE VERY BEST starter for approaching cute strangers (both men and women). You can use it in ANY situation and you will NEVER be rejected.

  • Ever had a problem finding a topic to talk about on your first date?

    I will show you the technique that has virtually 100% success rate and unless your date is in the middle of a diarrhea attack, you can have them chatting away for HOURS! Page 54 of the book explains to you exactly HOW to do it.

  • Would you like to have more confidence?

    I will teach you a five-minute technique that will give your confidence an instant boost - all you need to do is simply write down a few lines! Pages 10 to 12 give you step-by-step guidance on using this technique along with practical and fully usable examples.

  • Hooked up on online dating

    I will show you how you can improve the effectiveness of your online dating campaign up to 10 times - all it takes is half an hour and you can set up yourself for life! Pages 18-19 describe it in details.

How's that for starters?
Makes you wanting to get hold of this information RIGHT NOW?

I know how you feel.
This stuff is dynamite!
You may even feel that it's too good to be true... until you actually READ IT and realize how SIMPLE it really is.

Truth is, most things in life seem complicated when you don't understand what's going on and cannot predict the results you are going to get.

And this is why '12 Simple Rules' is so powerful - because it provides you with predictable, stable and repeatable results.

Recent comment:
"I have a string of dates"

After downloading your e-book, I applied your suggestions, and eureka!!!!..... the mail flooded in, the phone calls started and I have a string of dates.

Thank you Elena, you sure know what you're talking about.

Take care

Read 12 Simple Rules ONCE and get repeatable results for the rest of your life.

You will learn:

How to reframe rejection so you feel powerful (and never again feel inadequate or inferior... ever!) (p. 8)

How to take charge of your emotions (so you feel the way you want to - no matter what others say or do) (p. 9)

How to use the power of choice to win in the dating game (and how to find people that have the same goal as you - to meet someone) (p. 8)

How to handle stressful situations (even when the stakes are sky-high) (p. 12)

How to defuse embarrassing questions - the ones you don't WANT to answer (and feel totally comfortable with ANY question in ANY situation) (p. 11)

What to do if your date stood you up (and how to ensure this never happens to you again) (p. 22-23)

How to deal with people who are arrogant... even downright rude (and come out as a WINNER!) (p. 10)

The single most effective way DATING GURUS use to get a date (the closely guarded professional secret!) (p. 36)

The one SIMPLE criteria that will make your dating life ten times easier (this simple distinction will change your whole outlook on the dating game) (p. 23)

How to make change effortless (this one is incredibly powerful - you'll love it!) (pp. 14-16)

How to get past "I can’t" to get what you really want (pp. 17-19)

How to make your ex DYING to win you back (p. 22)

What is the single most important component of dating confidence (and how to get it) (p. 24)

What precisely men and women seek in a mate (you may be surprised by the answer!) (p 33)

How to get a boyfriend/girlfriend of your dreams (and stop going from one unhappy relationship to another) (p. 18)

How to find your true love - the person who will be always on your side and will never judge you (p. 21)

How much you are REALLY worth (you'd never guess the answer to this one!) (p. 22)

How to give your words more weight and power (and change dynamics of ANY relationship in an instant) (p. 23)

How to become the interviewer instead of being interviewed (and why it is absolutely CRUCIAL to your dating) (p. 32)

How to be treated by others the way you want to be treated (p. 23)

How to never be ashamed of yourself again – ever (pp. 24-25)

The most important thing to STOP doing if you want to achieve success in love (and also in life) (p. 28)

The secret reason some people succeed at the dating game (and others are big losers) (p 33)

How to  choose to be attractive (and get more of everything you want in a date) (p. 34)

How to use body language to virtually suck them in... imagine becoming the center of attention by the virtue of simply taking a CERTAIN POSE (you will see the results IMMEDIATELY) (pp. 49-50)

Why having numerous boyfriends/girlfriends in our teens gives you advantage later in life (and how you can make up for this if you haven't) (p. 35)

What is the biggest turn-off in a relationship, both for men and women (and how to avoid it) (p. 40)

The five essential steps to getting the relationships you desire (pp. 35-57)

Why meeting your soulmate through a dating site is ten times easier than meeting someone in real life (p. 36)

The magic question you can ask in any public place to start a conversation with a potential date (p. 37)

The best outfit to meet a serious boyfriend (and the best outfit for no-strings-attached sex – yes, they’re different!) (pp. 38-39)

The ONE clothing rule a man absolutely must follow to attract a date (p. 39)

The single most effective way for a man to improve his dating options in 30 minutes or less (p. 38)

The biggest paradox of power in the dating relationship (p. 42)

How to develop a relationship with a partner who has everything: money, fame, and self-esteem (p. 48)

Why what you hide can be as important as what you share (p. 48)

The secret of coming across as "cocky and funny" – but not "arrogant and intimidating" (pp. 50-53)

The ONE dating factor that’s more important than beauty (p. 58)

How to replace seduction with attraction (and why you should) (p. 63)

The most important step to take if you really want to change your life (pp 64-65)

And so much more - it will literally blow your mind away!

Those secrets will give you an unfair advantage in the battle of sexes, so much that you may even feel guilty of using them... because you know EXACTLY what results you are going to get when the other party doesn't have a clue! It's like taking a candy from a baby.

If someone gave me a program like this 10 years ago when I was single, I would happily pay 10 times more money - and it would still be a bargain! 

In fact, I would even give a year of my life to get this knowledge 10 years ago... probably even 2 years. (How much value can you put on this one?)

Yes, I would be willing to give the only irreplaceable resource in our life - time - to tap into the knowledge that you can access in a matter of minutes. This is how valuable this information is.

Comment from a client:
"I met the Perfect Woman for me"

Elena teaches how to FIND WHAT YOU REALLY WANT FROM THE RELATIONSHIP. These methods work the same for either men or women.

It is a real confidence booster that will awaken the real person in you, and it is THIS REAL PERSON that the opposite sex wants. It works.

12 Simple Rules prevented me from "settling" for less than my real dream. Elena encouraged me TO KEEP MY DREAM ALIVE!

I did. I met the Perfect Woman for me. I am 55 years old. I have been completely bald for many years. I am not just a few pounds overweight, but obese. She is stunningly beautiful, intelligent and funny, and MUCH younger than me. And most importantly, SHE ADORES ME! Try finding a dream woman like this without Elena's book and you will not succeed.

And if you are a woman seeking a relationship with your perfect man, Elena tells you how to succeed, too. Find your perfect second half in life. He is out there, and you WILL FIND HIM.

If you are younger than me, average looking, and have any hair at all, it will be EASY FOR YOU. It was easy for me! But only after reading the valuable information Elena has spent years compiling.

Michael Mullen
War of the Angels

Just think, how much time and money have you already wasted in your love-seeking efforts?

  • All those dinners and movies
  • Online dating subscriptions
  • Dating manuals and books
  • Just simply getting ready for a date... all those outfits, etc, etc
  • Months and years in unhappy relationships that led nowhere

Aren't you fed up with this $#@& ??

Let me be completely straightforward with you: ALL dating manuals in the world will NOT make you successful without the using of 12 Simple Rules.

EVERY single dating manual will tell you to start with ATTITUDE... or CONFIDENCE... or INNER GAME... but they don't tell you how to get this confidence!

I do.

In fact, this whole book is one big confidence booster broken for your convenience into small manageable steps: understanding - learning - mastering - using. You will know not only WHAT to do but also WHY and HOW.

Comment from a dating books author:
"Simple, practical ways to create a level of dating self-confidence most of us only dream about"

Dear Elena,

I read your book in one sitting last evening... and all I can say is WOW!!! Simple, practical ways to create a level of dating self-confidence most of us only dream about. This is going to be my #1 ebook that I will recommend to all my family and friends.

Marina Smiley 

P.S. You may not believe it - but this is THE FIRST TIME I printed out an entire e-book, EVER!

Confidence is knowing what you are doing and how to do it, why does it work and how to get the results you want repeatedly.

Are you feeling confident about tying your shoelaces?
I bet you are!

(If your answer is, 'No', please close your browser immediately and tell your Mom to have a NetNanny installed! You aren't supposed to be reading this stuff.)

Would you like to feel as confident about dating as about tying your shoelaces?
I bet you are!

(If your answer is, 'No', please send this page to your single friends and then close your browser and go kiss your wife/husband instead.)

If you are single and seeking, I promise this book will lit a few light bulbs in your head.

  • If you wonder what is the cause of your problems with women/men, this book will open your eyes and give you precise instructions on how you can get the love life you always wanted.
  • If you were out of the game for a while and struggle to get back, this book will help you re-gain your lost confidence and learn a few new tricks along the road.
  • If you consider yourself an expert on dating, you will find several tips that will make you pinch yourself and say, "I can't believe I didn't think about it before!"

Yes, it is SO good!

This book is the quintessence of my 7-year experience in the dating industry, combined with my extensive research into the theory of love and attraction - HUNDREDS of books and courses, from practical guides to sleep-inducing scientific analysis written in unreadable gibberish, and lots of practice, practice, and practice.

Comment from a dating book publisher:
"One of the BEST resources out there"

Hi Elena,

Due to my line of work, I have the wonderful opportunity to review the works of numerous female dating authors claiming to teach guys their 'secrets' to achieving dating success with women - all from a WOMAN'S point of view... on a consistent basis.

In my opinion - I will have to say that yours is by far, hands down one of the BEST resources there is out there on the topic of female seduction, dating & relationships!

Very practical, easy to understand yet outright powerful content you have there! I especially LOVED your 4th and 5th steps where you talked about how guys should create 'attraction' and master the art of 'charming' communication if they want to be 'great' with the ladies :-)

Your books are always unconventional and stimulating, and as for your new e-book "12 Simple Rules For Success In Love" - I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone to read it!

Well done, Elena!

Simon Heong
Publisher of the best-selling Dating & Attraction Guides 
"28 SureFire Ways To Instant Dating Success!" 
"Instant Attraction Program"

If this is not enough, just look at my credentials:

Elena Solomon, Dating Expert

  • I have been working in the dating industry since 1999.
  • I have 80,000 active clients from 176 countries
  • I am a Life Coach, a Certified Master of NLP and 'Best-of-The-Best' Expert of
  • I have a string of best sellers behind my back (I have written books for both men wanting to have more success with women and women wanting more success with men)
  • I've heard every dating story in the world (literally!) and helped thousands of people like you stop being alone and find their love - and I talk to real people wanting more success in love and dating every day.
  • The only woman featured as a dating guru in the online best seller 28 Surefire Ways To Instant Dating Success

  • Interviewed by Cosmopolitan and Elle

  • Interviewed by print and television reporters in Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Finland, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and South Africa  

  • Identified as the world’s leading authority on dating scams by New Criminologist

And most of all, I know EXACTLY where you are coming from.
I've been there!

Just ten years ago I was loveless, jobless and clueless about what to do with my life. Moreover, I had a big debt and no idea how I was going to pay it.

My life was a total mess... but my love life was even worse!
I was the queen of dating losers!

  • I kept getting dumped by men I liked – and I couldn't figure out why.  

  • I kept attracting guys that were all wrong for me - and struggled to get along with people I was interested in.

  • I was rejected hundreds of times, which meant I didn't even get to spend time with a guy I liked.

At that stage of my life, I was as close to complete desperation as it's humanly possible. 'Love' was a scary word for me... a sure way to get hurt again.

I was absolutely sure that:

  • I was too picky

  • There were not enough quality dating prospects around me

  • All good men were already taken

  • Something was terribly wrong with me

  • I would NEVER find anyone

Sounds familiar?
I bet it does.

This is the story I hear over and over from people that come to me for dating advice: they believe that the reason why they are alone is because they are too picky and all good men/women are already taken (while silently fearing that there is something terribly wrong with THEM).

Are you one of them?

Good, because this means you are exactly at the right place to get out of there!

You are just minutes away from taking a U-turn and starting to put your life on the fast track to success.

It has taken me YEARS to understand the dynamics of love and attraction and boil it down to the '12 Simple Rules' that will work for ANYONE - men, women, teenagers and seniors.

The techniques I show to you in this book are so straightforwardly simple, even a village idiot could use them with some success.

This is why it's called '12 Simple Rules'.
There are ONLY 12 rules and they are REALLY simple.

The moment you start following them, success is automatic.

Recent comments:

"What you say makes sense with things in all aspects of life, not just dating"

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your book... I saw that it was available to be downloaded and did it straight away! That night, I printed it out so I could read it properly and I put it into a folder. The thing is, what you say makes sense with things in all aspects of life, not just dating! 

It's quite funny to read in parts, the things you say are so true but you just don't realize it till you read it all. 

P.S. I have enjoyed your book so much, sometimes I have found it hard to put down!!

"I take my hat off to you; great work!"

Thank you so much. It is so good to see people getting info like this out to them. I take my hat off to you; great work!


"Your book is permanently saved on my Desktop"

I read your e-book with great interest (copied and permanently saved on my desktop). I loved your "kick ass" approach. And I must say you look every bit a gorgeous dating goddess / coach/ guru on the cover!!!


You may not believe it right now, but once you have simply read the '12 Simple Rules' ebook, you will never be the same person and do the same stupid mistakes, EVER AGAIN.

It's like walking a dangerous trail and suddenly becoming aware of all the hidden traps and hazards - if you KNOW there is a deep hole under these leaves, will you step on them? NO WAY!!

I GUARANTEE that by simply reading 12 Simple Rules, you will gain tremendous amount of knowledge and insight into men/women dynamics and WHY your love life worked the way it did - but if you actually start using the 12 Simple Rules, the results you reach will surpass your wildest expectations.

It did surpass mine!

Using just a tiny fracture of the information you will find in 12 Simple Rules, I managed to turn my life around and in just a couple of years complete Masters in Philosophy, land a dream job, and find my dream partner.

He was the most eligible bachelor in his company: 6'4" tall, athletic, financially stable, MBA, gorgeous, and funny.  We’ve been married for 8 years (and he still does most of the housework – dream on, ladies!). We have two children, ages 5 and 7.

 What made the difference?

In the old days, I could never have landed a wonderful guy like this. But I did – using just a tiny fracture of the principles you will learn in this book.

  • I discovered one SIMPLE change in my behavior that could transform my relationships with the opposite sex.  

  • I discovered EXACTLY what men and women want in a relationship (hint: they want the same thing – really!).

  • And I realized I could help thousands of men and women find the same happiness that I discovered by accident.

This simple small idea has the power to change your relationships – forever.  And it’s so simple you’ll be astounded.

Readers of this book tell me, "It’s like a light bulb went off in my brain. Now I get it!"

Comment from a former client:
"Everyone, single or not, should read this book"

To all future readers of the "12 Simple Rules for Success in Love" (but of course also to Elena, the author of this great book)

I know Elena for about 5 years and during this time she has become a good friend of mine. Thanks to Elena, who acted already 5 years ago as a very good 'coach', I succeeded to find my wife, and after 5 years of marriage, I am still crazy in love with her!

Elena is not only teaching and coaching 'us' how to find a partner online, but the articles and books she is publishing are most of the time about our current love life, the things we don't (or won't) see, the things we take for granted, because we don't know better. Elena keeps on telling people like me, but above all, people who are still single, how to adjust or change yourself (and keep on doing that) to make our love life continuously interesting and challenging.

This is exactly what her new book ("12 Simple Rules") is all about. It's all about YOU, how YOU can change yourself in a self-confident and happy person related to love, life and - if you are single - online dating. You will be amazed what this book can do for you!

I can only say that everyone, single or not, should read this book, it is really an 'eye-opener' and you will read it in just one breath, it is easy to read and every single phrase will catch your interest. You will identify yourself in many examples she is discussing in the book. The best thing is, it is almost impossible not to follow (and experience the results of) the suggestions you find in this great love, life and dating guide! 

Thanks Elena, you surpassed yourself again!

Bart Dirks
(The Netherlands)

Dating will no longer be a gamble for you. You’ll actually look forward to dating (however off-base it may sound to you now). You will know EXACTLY what you are doing and what results you are going to get.

How much this information is worth for you?

  • How much would you be willing to pay for the program that can land you The Partner of Your Dreams?

  • How much would you be willing to pay for that, if you knew that this information can change your life forever?

  • How fast do you want to start getting results that you know you want to get?

I guess that if you are on this page today, and you have read so far, and you still keep reading, then you know the answers to these questions... so, the question is not how much this program is worth - but how much your life is going to change once you have this program and start getting the results you want to get?

  • Can you see how much your life is going to change once you have this information?

  • Can you hear what your friends and family are saying, when you walk in with the partner of your dreams on your arm?

  • How all this will make you feel?

If you think about all the results you can get in your life when you have these secrets, then this program could be worth thousands of dollars... do you think you would be happy to pay $5,000 to meet the partner of your dreams? 

I guess, this would be well worth it... but I am not going to ask you this much. 

Do you think it would be worth $1,000

Absolutely! How many more unsuccessful dates and unhappy relationships do you need to realize that this secret is worth this money?

What about $500?

You would be willing to pay this money to know you can dramatically improve your life and build relationships that last, would not you?

But I am not going to ask you even this much... the price of this program is only $197.

And this is a good deal considering the great changes in you life it can bring, do you agree?

This program would be totally worth this money because you know the results you are going to get are worth much more. I would be happy to pay 10 times more to get back the time I spent in unhappy relationships and painful dating rejections!

But because I really want to help you to get the life and the partner of your dreams, and because it is my 8th wedding anniversary today, and I really want to help other people to find the same happiness I have found - I am willing to go one step further: 

If you buy today, you only pay $49.95.
This is more than 70% off the retail price!

I know this program is worth much more than I am asking for it - much more than the regular retail price, and certainly much more than the mere $49.95 - but hey, today is a happy day for me, and I want to share my happiness with you!

And because it is a special day for me, I will go one step further: I will give it to you today, so you can test-drive my program for 60 days and if by the end of this period you decide that my program is not for you, simply email me with your receipt number and you will receive a complete refund of your purchase price. 

I am so confident that this program will work for you, I give you full 60 days to test-drive it and experience the difference it makes in your life, and see the changes in your relationships with the other gender - and you know that once you have this information, you have it for life, and you can use it at any time and any way you want to.

Click here to reserve your copy right now.

Elena Solomon, Dating Expert

Elena Solomon

  • Life Coach

  • Certified Master of NLP

  • Qualified Philosopher

  • International Bestselling Author

  • 'Best-of-The-Best' Expert of

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How To Order:

To order '12 Simple Rules' program and gain immediate access to the tried and tested techniques of the world-wide recognized dating expert, click on the link below. You will gain instant access to my program, which can be downloaded to your computer's desktop in a matter of seconds. You can even print it on your printer.

The cost of my e-book if you buy it today is ridiculously low for the life-changing information it contains: only $49.95. Please bear in mind that this is a special celebration offer and it is only valid when you are buying today

As I said, this program is not for everyone. If you are unwilling to spend this type of money on a program that can help you to change your life and find your dream partner, then do yourself a favor and stop reading now. I value my efforts and I want this program to be available only to people who will USE IT. And I even offer 60-day money-back guarantee in case if you have tried it and it didn't work for you. You can test-drive my program and use it and see the results you get, and experience the changes in your life, and once you know these secrets, you can use them again and again in your life and dating.

You know who am I, where I am coming from and what my program CAN and CANNOT do for you. In two words: it works. It's tried and tested. Thousands of people downloaded this program before you and NOT EVEN ONE came back to me saying my program doesn't work.

If you think this is not enough, then go and buy someone else's books and try to use them. I know you'll be back (but please do not write to me then asking if I can extend the special price for you - once this special offer is gone, it's gone).

I am upfront with you: if $49.95 seems like too much money for the information that can change your life, then you should not be bothering with it at all. Really.

You can buy my ebook and be well on your way to finding your soulmate in just a few minutes - or you can leave this site and continue with your life as it is. It's your choice.

Bonus tips: 

It's not all just flirts and kisses! 
This book is so much MORE than a dating manual.

Bonus tip #1: Ever suffered from road rage? Pages 6-7 contain one simple exercise that will cure you from the road rage once and forever.

Bonus tip #2: The number one secret to landing ANY dream job - you simply will have NO competition. (I have stumbled upon this one while being an employee and used it to get my dream job. I can confirm it now, being an employer! p.30)

Bonus tip #3: Would you like, in addition to your personal situation, to improve your finances as well? Page 18 tells you where to start if you want something materialistic, like a Porsche or a house on the beach.

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Today's special offer only 

By the way, I am taking orders around the clock - even if it's 3 a.m., you will still get instant access.

P.P.S. This book is not available in the bookstores. It is available exclusively from this website.

P.P.P.S. My 1-to-1 consultation would cost you $350 an hour... by buying this book TODAY you save *at least* $1750! Grab this book TODAY (while it's available for this ridiculously low price) and you can start getting the results you want already TOMORROW!

P.P.P.P.S. Read 12 Simple Rules once and get stable, repeatable, and predictable results for the rest of your life - that's my promise!

Order now!

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Comment from an international author:
"Very insightful!"

Hi Elena

I liked your book...Very insightful! You are right...Your beliefs are very similar to mine. As you change your beliefs about what is possible in your life you also change your belief as to what is possible in a life partner.

Mark Susnow (USA) 
Author of "Stepping Stones to Greater Personal Freedom"
"Reclaim your Life-Live in Balance"
"Ten Insights to Discovering the Leader Within"

Comment from a life coach:
"An eye opener"

The e book "12 Simple Rules" is very straight forward, easy reading with a sense of humour & would benefit both men & women.

The depth of information, clarity & contents was an eye opener.

Elena brings to the surface in each of her chapters, different rules for modern relationships, that makes you think.

Amanda Neubauer
Empower Yourself Life Coaching & Training 

Comment from a dating reviewer:
"Brings to the forefront all the things you should know"

Elena Solomon's "12 Simple Rules" brings to the forefront all the things you should know about yourself and your personal relationships; the things that you know you should use - but don't; and how to start anew your relationship with yourself, those in your life and those you want in your life.

Robert Lee
Dating Advice Central 

Comment from a recently single:
"Excellent no-nonsense guide"

Hi Elena

Just wanted to say hello and thanks for making your excellent no-nonsense guide book available. I am based in London, UK and came across your website by chance and that was fortunate indeed. I am working through the ebook and enjoying the dating tips. Having broken up with the man I thought I would marry about 18 months ago and having odd dates with men since then, I intend to put what I learn from you into practice and will mail you soon with the results!

Kindest regards,
Tara (London, UK)

Comment from the one seeking for love:
"It addresses every situation"

I got the "12 Simple Rules". I like the book very much. Any one can use the info in it. I liked the way it addresses every situation when 2 people of the opposite sex meet.


Recent comment:
"Your book has reinforced my confidence in myself"

The one thing I enjoyed most about reading the book, is that besides the good advice and info, you have made it fun to read by adding some comical things and situations. I'm hoping to put to good use your tips and attract the type of woman I'm searching for. Your book has reinforced confidence in myself and let me know most of all that I am truly valuable as a person regardless of what some others may think.


Recent comment:
"Very Good!!!"

Hello Elena!, Yes! your Book on 12 simple Rules is Very Good!!!!!!! Wonderful!!!!!!!!- bye

Kind regards,

Recent comment:
"Fascinating to read"

Hi Elena,

Your words are fascinating to read, now I have to convince myself that I value myself enough. I am going to try because to read the words of a darling like you describing a man being desired is a powerful motivation.

Kind regards
Graham Presley

Recent comment:
"A much more direct explanation"

Just got your book and would like to say thanks. I needed a refresher on these life skills and a much more direct explanation and reasoning sometimes one needs a re-focus!

Thanks Elena

Simon (Australia)

Recent comment:
"Worth many re-reads"

Worth many re-reads! Thanks!


Recent comment:
"It ignited the fire that once was"

Hello Elena,
I started reading your book the other night and I have to tell you it ignited the fire that once was. It also reminded me the reason for my existence. Thanks...


Recent comment:
"Must have"

Great book as with all your books. It's a must have if you plan on doing good out in the world of dating.


Recent comment:
"I have found out how badly I have screwed up"

I am just now reading it. So far it's very interesting and I have found out how badly I have screwed up part of the time.

Thank you for writing this.


Recent comment:
"Better than any other self-help, rules type manual"

I've been following your 12 Rules very carefully. Read them everyday so I don't mess up. They are working better than any other self-help, rules type manual. I used to think that being strong-willed and making the game of pursuit was dishonest. But since I've been more unavailable, call less, keep on running (but not too fast), I'm shocked at how attentive this guy, I really like, has been. 

Also, acting like he's like a long lost friend really REALLY works. And when I feel like I'm slipping and want to be too nice or available, I get out your rules and read them. It makes me keep my pride and my head on straight. It also makes me realize my self-esteem is the most precious thing that I cannot give away to any man. 


Recent comment:
"After reading your thoughts the problems in my current relationship became a lot clearer to me"

Hi Elena,

Last year I acquired a copy of your "12 Simple Rules For Success In Love And Online Dating " but unfortunately at the time I was very busy and filed it way to read at a later date.Of course I forgot all about it until now, when just last night found it again and started reading, which I am very pleased I did as I found the contents fascinating.

It was very clear to me right from the start that you know what you are talking about, as I believe in many of your concepts and ideas, and strongly believe in the law of attraction and the power of the mind to solve all situations, whether it be in business or life generally.

I have only been living in Australia for the last 5 years after my marriage broke down, and I came here to start a new journey and a fresh beginning, and it has been a very interesting time for me so far.

At the moment I am living with a woman I met 2 years ago from Romania, also called Elena, who at the moment is back in Europe visiting her Mum, and after reading your insights have started to question some aspects of our relationship, as I have been concerned for some time that there are some unresolved issues, and after reading your thoughts have became a lot clearer to me.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you with all of the details except to say thank you for having the courage to say it like it is, I admire people who think outside the square and wish you every success and happiness in your life,and may you have an exceptional year in 2007.

Kind regards,
Ian (Australia)

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